What makes us different….

  1. We are the pioneers in starting  the first exclusive diabetes hospital in North  Karnataka , South Maharashtra and Goa.
  2.Complete diabetes care under one roof.
  3.Discounts of 10-15 % of revenues on any average/month.
  4.One of the big hospitals dedicated for diabetes care with 50 beds in India.
  5. Dedicated to society with Human touch


Our journey from Diabetes day care to full fledged 50 bedded hospital 

•April  21st  2006 –  started OPD (day care diabetes clinic)
•June 2007- day care diabetes clinic with added facilities like Dietetics, Podiatry.
•June 2008 –10 bed IPD, IDCU, Podiatric surgery unit.
•June 2012- full fledged cardiology  department inaugurated.
•Jan 2014- inauguration of 50 bedded hospital.
•Dec 2018-New Diabetes Hospital,Vijayapur